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“Research and innovation center of animal husbandry” is a branch of LLP “Kazakh research Institute of animal husbandry and feed production”. The center is engaged in research in the field of selection and reproduction of farm animals; support of information and analytical system in animal husbandry (IAS)RSL, modernization of system, introduction of modern techniques and developments; services in an assessment of steers of meat breeds on own productivity; services in determination of quality of milk and forages; consulting services and training in dairy and meat cattle breeding; services of evaluation of the genetic breeding value of dairy cattle and determining the reliability of the origin of meat and dairy breeds (paternity, motherhood), seminars with the participation of domestic and foreign experts in the field of animal husbandry.

Since the establishment of the Branch was provided with the following services: information and analytical system IAS RSL, provided advice and handled the application for a grant is support of software products, such as “Sybaga”, “Altyn Asyk”, “Agro Onim”, “Zhaylym” and information system “Electronic database of feed and forage crops” as well as a mobile app, “Insemination of cattle”, “cattle Pregnancy”, “Calving cattle”, “retirement and the arrival of cattle”, “cattle Vaccinated”, “Control milk yield of cattle”, “Livestock”, “Appraisal of cattle”, “farm Management», according to the program of targeted financing, scientific support of model farms of meat and milk production in cattle breeding is carried out, joint work on the creation of the agricultural Center “Saryarka” on the basis of JSC ” Asyl Tulik».

Staff number

To date, the number of staff of the Branch is 43 employees

Livestock Department

9 employees, (1 senior researcher-doctor of veteri)

Laboratory for assessing the quality of milk and feed 6 employees

(1 Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, 2 masters of veterinary sciences, 3 junior research assistants)

Department of Information Technology 17 employees,

including 6 call center consultants.


Branch of the «Research and innovation center of animal husbandry ” cooperates with the Ministry of agriculture, national chambers(NC): Kazakh white-headed breed,  Angus Kazakhstan,  of the Hereford breed,  of Auliekol breed of  in dairy cattle breeding, RP of the breed Santa Gertrudis, on breeds Charolais, Limousine, Aubrac, Volhynia, Kalmyk breed of cattle,  fine-fleeced breeds of sheep,  “coarse wool Sheep production efficiency”,   NC breeds of sheep,  “Sheep fat-rumped medium-productivity”, Karakul breeds,  “Kazakh fat-rumped medium-breed sheep “Bias”, productive breeds of horses, local horse breeds of beef and dairy productivity, NC for factory horse breeds, beekeeping , NC pig for all the pig breeds, NC  “camel Rocks”, NC  goat, a non-profit organization “NC farmers”, NC  breeding as well as the Ukrainian Dairy company Global Experts and JSC “Capital Proc»

Staff members

Ormanbetov Medil

branch Director

Candidate of agricultural Sciences

In 1984, he graduated the Almaty zooveterinary Institute with a degree in Zootechnics»
2000 – Institute “Temirkazyk” in Taldykorgan, specialty ” Accounting and audit»
1985-Zootechnic breeder in Almaty region
1990-Specialist of the II category of the Kazakh research technological Institute of sheep breeding Mynbaevo village of Alma-Ata region.
1999-Teacher of special disciplines “Taldykorgan veterinary Institute”
2006-chief specialist of the Department (management) of agriculture of the Almaty region, Taldykorgan
2015 – Head of Department of breeding inspection of the East Kazakhstan regional territorial inspection of state inspection Committee in Agroindustrial complex of the Ministry of agriculture of Kazakhstan, Taldykorgan
2017-Deputy head of the Department of agriculture of Almaty region, Taldykorgan


Head of information technology Department

He graduated from the Kazakh agro technical University. S. Seifullin, majoring in “Vocational training” (BA).

In 2015 he graduated from the international University of Humanities and technology with a degree in law (bachelor).

He started his career in JSC “National information technologies” as a specialist.From 2010 to 2012 he held the position of a specialist in database maintenance in LLP “Scientific and innovative center of animal husbandry and veterinary medicine”.

From 2011 to 2012 he worked as a system administrator (part-time)of JSC ” ASYL-Tylik»,

From 2012 to 2016 he held various positions in LLP “Scientific and innovative center of animal husbandry and veterinary medicine”. Currently, he holds the position of head of the information technology Department

In the framework of the state programs participated in the development of information-analytical system “of the Republican system of livestock” (www.plem.kz), which is designed for accounting automation of selection and breeding work in the agricultural sector.


Head of the laboratory of quality evaluation of milk and feed

He graduated from the Saratov State Zootechnical And Veterinary Institute in 1983 with a degree in “zooengineer”.

In 2000 he graduated from the Academy of public service under the President of Kazakhstan with a degree in “Manager of public administration”.

In 2003 – Academy of jurisprudence “Higher school of law “Adilet” , specialty “lawyer”.

He began his career in 1984 as a zootechnician of the state farm in the breeding business. In 1986 he joined the Kazakh research Institute of technology of sheep breeding in the Department of selection and breeding of horses. In 1987 he entered the full-time graduate school of the Department of feeding of farm animals of the Kazakh research Institute of technology of animal husbandry. In 1991 he defended his thesis on” Phase feeding of highly productive cows with different levels of energy in the diet”, was engaged in scientific activities in this research Institute as MNC, NS, SNA.

Since 1997, he worked as a chief specialist, state inspector Of livestock management, Deputy Director of the Department of agriculture of the Ministry of agriculture. Since 2000, he headed the subordinate enterprise for the examination of seeds, grain and products of its processing.

Since 2010, he has held various positions of research and production areas on the basis of public-private partnership

Before entering the branch “Scientific and innovative center of animal husbandry” he held the position of Vice-rector for educational and methodical work of the University “Astana”.


Senior researcher of the Department of animal husbandry and veterinary medicine

He graduated from Akmola agrarian University in 1996. S. Seifullin, majoring in veterinary medicine. He began his career as a chief veterinarian in LLP “Free” Sandyktau district of Akmola region. The livestock sector provides milk and meat cattle breeding, pig breeding, horse breeding herd.    In different years, he served as chief livestock engineer, worked as Deputy Director for animal husbandry.

From June 2011 — 2014 in JSC “KazAgroMarketing” — chief expert of the Department of consulting in animal husbandry. Type of activity — organization and holding of training seminars for farmers and veterinary specialists, as well as consultations of farms that imported breeding cattle of foreign selection in the framework of the Project “Development of export potential of cattle meat”.

May 2014 — October 2014 in LLP “SIC Alive” (Research and innovation Center of animal husbandry and veterinary) — senior researcher of the Department of animal husbandry and veterinary. Occupation — consulting support of subjects of agrarian and industrial complex, engaged in the breeding of cattle. Since October 2014 in the Republican Chamber of the Kazakh white-headed breed — veterinary Manager. Type of activity — organization and holding of training workshops on the technology of maintenance and veterinary safety of farms for beef cattle breeding

Exchange of experience: In 2012, the delegation visited Canada, where he studied the experience of canadian farmers.In the same year he participated in the selection of cattle in Denmark, Ireland for import to Kazakhstan, followed by technological support. In 2014, Cochran was trained in the United States.


Senior researcher of the Department of animal husbandry and veterinary medicin

Asatbaeva Gulmira Kamaridenovna, graduated from the “Kazakh agro technical University S. Seifullin” specialty “veterinary medicine”, has a master’s degree, doctoral student 1-year student of “Kazakh agro technical University S. Seifullin”.. She started her career as a specialist at the “Vetservice” KGP, then continued her career at the “Scientific and innovation center of animal husbandry and veterinary” LLP — within the framework of the PCF, from 2014 to 2017 in the Department of information technology (IAS), 2018 Department of animal husbandry – senior researcher.

Passed courses of improvement of qualification, seminars, trainin

Training in reproduction, veterinary medicine, breeding and management of the budget program for SHTP from foreign experts .

Conducted seminars for the information and analytical system (according to the rules of the Law on livestock breeding), together with RP Kazakh white-headed breed for the professionals of regional/district administrations, professionals, agricultural producers, breeding centres, monitorov-classifiers

Projects :

From 2013-2014, according to the budget program 001 “Planning, regulation, management in the field of agriculture”, subprogram 101 “Information support of agribusiness entities at no charge”.

Since 2018 “Transfer and adaptation of technologies for automation of technological processes of livestock production on the basis of model farms of dairy cattle from 100 cows of different regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan»


Junior researcher of the laboratory of milk and feed quality assessment

2011 -2016 Kazakh national Agrarian University, Almaty, faculty of veterinary medicine, diploma of veterinary sanitary doctor (day Department)

2016 – 2018 Kazakh Agrotechnical University named after S. Seifulin, Astana, faculty of veterinary medicine, master’s degree in veterinary Sciences.



2015 -2016 “Panfilov veterinary laboratory” Zharkent”


August 2016 – October 2016 RSE “Republican veterinary laboratory” in Astana

October 2016 – March 2017 “Republican veterinary laboratory” of the Central market in Astana.

September 2018. up to October 2018 lecturer at the faculty of agricultural Sciences, South Kazakhstangoal.comnazarenko University of Shymkent city.

October 2018g. – until now, Junior researcher of the Branch “Research and innovation center of animal husbandry” LLP “Kazakh research Institute of animal husbandry and feed production»

Speaks foreign languages

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