ФИЛИАЛ «НАУЧНО-ИННОВАЦИОННЫЙ ЦЕНТР ЖИВОТНОВОДСТВА» ТОО «КазНИИЖиК» г. Нур-Султан, пр. Абая 13, БЦ «Іскер», 4-этаж, офис-401, тел.: +7 7172 729506, e-mail: nic-zhiv@plemnic.kz

The scientific and innovation center of animal husbandry is engaged in researches in the field of selection, reproduction of agricultural animals; maintenance of information and analytical system in animal husbandry (IAS RSL), modernization of system, introduction of modern techniques and developments; services in an assessment of bull-calves of meat breeds on own productivity; services in definition of quality of milk and forages; consulting services and training in dairy and meat cattle breeding; services to assess the genetic breeding value of dairy cattle and determine the reliability of the origin of meat and dairy breeds (paternity, motherhood).


conducting fundamental and applied research in the field of animal husbandry and feed production;

development of biotechnological methods of animal reproduction and methods of genetic identification of farm animals and markers of productivity;

scientific support and support of innovative technologies that ensure the economic efficiency of animal husbandry;

collection and comprehensive study of plant resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

development of innovative technologies for keeping and feeding farm animals, as well as issues of feed preparation, storage and preparation for feeding;

provision of services within the framework of budget programs, as well as the implementation of the state order for research.

"In information-analytical system " Republican system of livestock"
for the month of April 2019 was:

Cattle breeding

3 210 159 heads

Sheep breeding

5 154 354 heads

Horse breeding

153 456 heads

Pig breeding

43 220 heads

Camel breeding

14 529 heads

In the information-analytical system developed new modules: maral, goat, poultry, beekeeping.


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